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Officiell Server Rules

am Fr Apr 13, 2018 3:01 pm

¶1.The nickname should correspond the Discord-Nickname.The nickname can be supplemented by another nickname.

¶2.Nicknames must not contain offensive or other prohibited or protected names or parts of names.

¶3.If two nicknames are the same, both must be accepted and approved by the team lead/server line.

¶4.If it happens that a user wants to rename his name, but that name already exists, this must be approved by the team lead/server line.


¶1.Avatars may not contain pornographic, racist, offensive or other content that violates German law.


¶1.Dealing with other discord users should always be friendly. Verbal attacks against other users are strictly prohibited.

¶2.No insults (not even for fun).


¶1. The behavior in the chat should always be friendly.

¶2. spaming (multiple sending of messages in succession) is prohibited

¶3. Private conversations should not be held in public chats.

¶4. Game channel e.g. "Garry's mod " may only be entered with the appropriate game.


¶1. Channel hopping (continuous jumping from one channel to the other) is prohibited.

§6.Record conversations[2]

¶1.It is only possible to cut conversations on the entire server after consultation with the users present on the corresponding channel. If a user does not agree to the recording, the recording of the call is prohibited.


¶1.In case of a long absence, the user is asked to go to the Entsprechnde/n AFK Channel/S. If the absence is shorter, a short logout is sufficient in the channel.


¶1.A kick or a spell is not unfounded at any time, but is intended to stimulate the reflection of one's own behaviour. Inappropriate kicks/bans must be reported to the appropriate admins.


¶1.Discord rights are not assigned indiscriminately, but always serve a specific reason. If you need rights, you can contact the responsible admin.

§10.Right of instruction[1]

¶1.Server admins, moderators or other authorized admins have full right of instruction. Denying a particular statement can lead to a kick or spell.


¶1.Any kind of advertising is prohibited on this server. It is also strictly forbidden to advertise through audio tracks or avatars. If necessary, a competent admin can be contacted to negotiate a possibility for advertising.


¶1.Any attack against this server is punishable and may be prosecuted.

¶2.We're not going to be threatened. Any kind of threats against the server will be punished with immediate spell.


¶1.Private data such as telephone numbers, addresses, passwords and the like may not be exchanged in public. A server admin will at no time ask for sensitive data, such as user passwords.

§14.Own music/sounds[3]

¶1.It is forbidden to play your own music or to transfered other unwanted sounds.

¶2.Use of sound board is prohibited.

§15.Bots (INSB. Music bots)[4]

¶1.No bots may be connected to the discord. Bots may only be connected to designated channels and only if no other bot is active in the channel.

§16.Upload files[3]

¶1.It is not permitted to upload pornographic, racist or legally protected material and/or to exchange it with other users.


¶1.Server rules can be revoked or extended by channel rules. It is important to observe the channel rules.

¶2.The #fragen channel is only for questions to use.

¶3.The #vorschlaege channel can only be used for suggestions.

¶4.The #beschwerden channel is only to be used for complaints (normal).

¶5.The #team complaints channel is only to be used for complaints (regarding the team members).

¶6.The #feedback channel can only be used for feedback.

§18.Reporting obligation[1]

¶1.All users are encouraged to observe the discord server rules. If a rule violation is detected by a user, it must be immediately reported to an admin.

§19.Team meeting[3]

¶1.The meeting is obligations for team members!

¶2.Breaks may take a maximum of 30 minutes.

¶3.Disrupting a team meeting as a team member is prohibited and will be punished by excluding the rest of the meeting + warning.

¶4.Disturbing a team meeting as a normal user is punished with a warning.


¶1.The rules must be respected.

§21.Labern max.2[3]

¶1.Maximum of two persons.

¶2.Administrators may not move from the Channal.


¶1.Support Goes ahead

¶2.Unauthorized leaving a support call is considered a support flight and will be penalized.

¶3.The support of English tickets is only allowed to the @Support Team EN.

¶4.The support of German tickets is only allowed to the @Support Team DE.

¶5. Support Lie is strictly forbidden


¶1.It is strictly forbidden to issue yourself as another person. No matter if nickname or verbal.


¶1.No kind of developers has instructions, kicks or even ban rights.

¶2.For questions regarding the server design it is not the developer to ask, but the C-Dev.


¶1.It should always be handled nicely with other players.


¶1.If an account is hacked or the password is public, a Securety ban may be requested.


¶1.The following commands may not be used and will be punished with a warning:
SMC/; n!; +clean;!!! ; ?Coinflip;


¶1.Casino commands may only be used in the #Casino channel.

¶2.It is not allowed to use the casino more than 50x per half hour.

¶3.?Coinflip must not be used more than 5x per minute.


¶1.All types of pranks are prohibited, but can be requested from the team management/server management.


¶1.The following reactions may only be used by team members.
:erledigt: ; :needadmin: ; :wirbearbeitet:

§31.Emergency Log[3]

¶1.Each activation of a emergency log must be announced in the #news channel.

¶2.It is necessary to keep each emergency log sobalt it is activated.
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